Our Team Will Get In Touch With You To Discuss Courier Charges If Your Order Falls Beyond The Limits Of Colombo City

Our Story

A New Experience

"If We Don't Take Care Of Our Customers, Someone Else Will!" - Edgar Mitchell

We Believe That Quality Should Never Come At A Heavy Cost But This Doesn't Mean We Flood The Market With Low Quality Goods.
All Our Products Are Genuine. We Try Relentlessly To Deliver An Exceptional Shopping Experience To You. We Want Our Products To Uplift Our Customer's Daily Routine In Every Way Possible.
We Have Made Sure That Even Our Cheapest Products Are Mind-Blowingly Paramount, Competitive And Sustainable. We Source Our Products Thoughtfully, Package Them Responsibly And Make Every Effort To Deliver Them Quickly.


Our Story Is Much Wider, Much Higher And Much Deeper Than It Meets The Eye. We Began Delivering Imported Groceries Around The First Week Of January 2018 To Our Friends, Friends Of Friends, Our Families And So On. 
Almost 3 Years Later We Decided To Expand And Here We Are Trying Out Our Online Store For The First Time In 2021.

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Our Mission

We Strive To Provide A New Experience To Our Customers. After All, Its Our Customers Who Decide If We Remain On This Platform Or Not. We Will Constantly Strive To Breakthrough. We Are Willing To Devote A 100% Even If It Only Improves Us By 1%. Therefore, Talk About Us To Your Friends And Family, Recommend Us If You Are Satisfied And Contact Us If You Are Not, We Will Strive To Provide You The Best Service Possible.

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Premium Quality

Why USA And Canada?
USA And Canada Have Strict Consumer Law's That Prevent Manufacturer's From Making Products That Are Below Par. Strict Consumer Law's Mean Great Quality. Take Our Organic Products, For Instance, We Only Sell Them If They Are USDA Certified.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We Are Here To Stay! Your Satisfaction Means A Lot To Us. If You Think The Product That Was Given To You Is Not Of Good Quality/Service, Contact Us, And We Will Resolve Your Problem And Take Every Measure To Prevent It From Happening Again.

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Free Shipping

We Strive To Provide Goods With Reasonable Pricing. Shipping Outside Of Colombo Isn't Realistically Cost Effective For Us. Contact Us Regardless If You Want Our Goods Shipped To Your Door And We'll Work Something Out.

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